Tools for
Smashwords Authors

Unofficial Marketing tools - widgets, readers and stores - created to display Smashwords books.


Embeddable Bookstore


The store can be viewed running on VH Folland's Blog
These "stores" feature an author or publisher's books, and provides sales links out to Smashwords and third parties Smashwords distributes to.

The embeddable store will work with blogs or pages that accept iframes. Designed as a lightweight store to fit on blogs or websites, this presents users with links to Smashwords Premium partners, as well as Smashwords itself, to make it easy for users to purchase books where they have an account.

To Use

To use, take the code below, and replace "YourAuthorAccount" with your Smashwords account. Height and width are adjustable, but I'd suggest leaving a little extra space on the width as scrollbars will appear if the content on a page (e.g. an extensive booklist) is longer than the iframe.

For Authors:
For Publishers: The same code, but replace "author=YourAccountName" with "publisher=YourAccountName"

Changing Store Colours

If you are using the embeddable store and need to change the store colours for your site there is an additional parameter now available: &css=
This calls an alternate colour palette. Currently there are two available:

&css=dark An alternate palette with a dark background and light text to use on websites which are dark.
&css=redblack An Alternate palette that recolours the store in red and black.

Add it to the end of the normal URL e.g.

<iframe src="" width="450" height="800" frameborder=0 scrolling="auto">Smashwords Bookstore Widget</iframe>

If you want a custom colour, let us know and we'll add it. We're building a library of them.

These are unofficial tools supplied for use by Smashwords users. No guarantees or responsibility are taken for their use. They may be withdrawn at our discretion.