Tools for
Smashwords Authors

Unofficial Marketing tools - widgets, readers and stores - created to display Smashwords books.


Book Spotlight


This generates a flat image about the book, which is dynamically updated with current information from Smashwords. Designed to appear similar to the Amazon Spotlight module on Squidoo, the image and link can also be used on article sites like Hubpages and Wizzley, which will not accept Javascript, to ensure you always have current information.

To Use

Embed this image using the code below, replacing YourBookCode with the number of your book.

Code Generator

This creates clickable versions of the image by producing HTML codes for websites, email signatures etc. It also generates BBCode for use on forums like Kindleboards.
Generate Spotlight Link:

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These are unofficial tools supplied for use by Smashwords users. No guarantees or responsibility are taken for their use. They may be withdrawn at our discretion.