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Unofficial Marketing tools - widgets, readers and stores - created to display Smashwords books.


Single Book Widget (Javascript)

Examples (Customised)

The Javascript widget is offered as an embed version for advanced users, who are familiar with Javascript and HTML code, to allow customisation. The basic version looks identical to the iframe widget. If you are not familiar with coding, or can't use javascript on your site, please use the iframe version.

This version of the widget can pick up styles from the page, so by wrapping it in a div or using CSS you can customise its appearance. This does mean it will break if used on a site with conflicting CSS e.g. if you make the text too large or the text is the same colour as the background. Blogspot is a site where this is likely to occur, so the iframe version is a better choice for those sites.

To Use:

To use Javascript to embed the standard single book widget, copy and paste the code below onto your webpage, and replace YourBookCode with your book number:

<script src=""></script>

To Use Multiples on one page:

If you want multiple widgets for the same book on one page you have to use "&number=" to prevent conflicts between them, and give each its own number:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

These are unofficial tools supplied for use by Smashwords users. No guarantees or responsibility are taken for their use. They may be withdrawn at our discretion.