– Great Western Railway –

by Ciamar Price

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the Great Western Railway was one of the fastest and most efficient of its time. This is a brief 5,000 word article on the achievements and history of the GWR, designed as an introduction for children or quick reference for older readers. Available free to download, or read online.

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  • Price: $Free!USD Add to LibraryCreate WidgetSeries: Age of Engineering, Book 3Nonfiction » Transportation » RailroadsNonfiction » History » ReferencePublished byRagged Angel LtdPublished: Nov. 23, 2011Words: 5,280Language: EnglishTags:historyvictoriansteampunkengineeringbritainbritish historytrainsrailwaysteam engineindustrial revolutiontrainspottingrailroadsbrunelgreat westernsteam enginesrailwayslocomotivesAbout Ciamar Price "History is about stories. I find them fascinating but many books can be very dry, so I try to focus on the story, the people and the challenges. These are written as introductions. Entire books could be (and have been) written on these topics, so if one of my essays piques your interest, there are many more resources out there to tell the whole story with far more detail." C.Price TweetShare on Google+Also in Series: Age of Engineering$(document).ready(function(){$('.bxsliderSeries9151').bxSlider({minSlides: 2,maxSlides: 12,slideWidth: 108,slideMargin: 10,pager: false});});Also by This Author $(document).ready(function(){$('.bxsliderAuthor').bxSlider({minSlides: 2,maxSlides: 12,slideWidth: 108,slideMargin: 10,pager: false});});Also by This Publisher
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